Friday, April 9, 2010

Mito taking a toll..

it has been awhile since I wrote and I need to express alot on here today, I am angry. I am angry at this ugly disease that is trying to damage my son. My beautiful 5 year old boy who does not know the fight he is up against. We have recieved our results from Cleveland Owen has Encephalopathy in his occipital lobe of his brain. What the hell does that mean....his brain is being affected now too. We also went to the Dr last week and Owen is not gaining weight and he has developed an "extra heartbeat", so we go back to the cardiologist as well. In the words of Owen's doctor this disease is now affecting all of him. WTF...seriously mitochondrial disease...seriously lets go you and me. I will take you down one day, you will not harm my son or any other beautiful child ever again. How dare you make kids sick,tired,weak,have seizures,fail organs,not grow,dehydrate etc..., how dare you. I promise you this I will fight with every ounce of me to beat you once and for all, until then go pick on someone your own size..