Monday, July 5, 2010

hmmm sleep would be nice

Well it is about 3:22am and I can't sleep! I wish I could blame it on Scarlett but she is actually sleeping right now...hopefully.I just gave Owen some tylenol to help bring down his metabolic fever...yep that's right wierd I know.He played alot the day before yesterday and now he is fighting bad stomach pain and a fever that goes up to 103. He is dealing with a chronic stomachache for over a month now and we are waiting to have him scoped.I can see his body fighting itself and it scares the crap out of me, but this is his reality. Yep...his reality you play like a healthy 5 year old and your body goes haywire. So what are my choices be a overbearing,suffocating mother..or let him do it and pay the price. The scary thing is if his energy gets too drained he could regress or lose more healthy mitochondria and then what? Let's see end up in a wheelchair sooner, or maybe start having seizures. I don't know the answer that's why I am writing this at 3am in hopes of my brain relaxing a little.
Scarlett is still helathy as a horse and as beautiful as they come. We are having alot of sleep issues since moving her into her big girl bed. We seem to spend alot of time together around 2am or so. I almost dont mind in the sense we can bond be together just her and I. She makes my world alot brighter that is for sure:)I can't believe she will be 2 soon! Ok with all that said I hope my mind can now ....nope Owen just called me, no sleep for mothers right?

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