Saturday, February 19, 2011

birthday wishes...

Here it goes another year older and definitely have gotten wiser. Owen has been thru alot lately we went to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for a week. He was poked, scoped, etc..It was a great appointent as they are looking more into the root of all the issues. He is severely deficient in his fat soluble vitamins and they are checking for malabsorbtion. The other thing we are looking at is immune system problems, which are common with mito kids. They started him on a med that is supposed to help with chronic pain. I feel we have found great doctors who can help find out more about my medical mystery child. Scarlett is doing great and it is very important to me she feels the same love as Owen. I can be honest and say lately I feel overwhelmed with our situation. I almost feel like not answering the phone or the door. I can't pretend some days, I just can't. If I had a cake in front of me with candles, I would close my eyes and wish....


  1. have done an amazing job and so has the rest of your family. Take time to do what feels right for you, you will have good days and then you will have those days where you just dont wanna talk and hide. Having to deal with an illness that is so unfamiliar to others and sometimes a struggle to understand yourself takes a special mom like you to deal with. Owen and Scarlett have a mother with such a fight and strength inside of her that alot of us other moms envy. Enjoy YOUR special day, take time for yourself today

  2. I concur with the previous comment Carrie! You knock it out of the park when it comes to being a Mom and friend. Even on what I am sure are your worst days you have a smile to share where it is needed. You are another year into a bumpy but fabulous ride, hold on!