Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back home..

We are home from Cleaveland Clinic and we are all still alive. Yes, after Owen, Mike and I being stuck in a 2 by 2 hospital room together for 2 days. Owen did have an "episode" while we were their by we can't confirm it was a seizure. He was being videotaped and Mike had just scooted him up to eat when it happened. The brain waves showed slowing but they could not see his face........ughhhhhhhhhh talk about frustrating. Anyways, we will hopefully find some answers when they comb through the EEG tommorow. I am slowly but surely learning life IS really what you make of it. No, it is not fair and yes curveballs are a part of our daily lives. When I am walking through the children's hospital halls I feel a mixture of emotions,. I know our situation could be worse and believe me it could be alot worse. I also feel fear that one day it will be worse and that scares the hell out of me. I looked into the innocent eyes of my son this weekend and know he's ok with where he is right now, so I should be too......

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