Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts for the day

Ok here are the things I need to accomplish this week for Owen.....
1. set up a 504 or IEP plan for school next year
2. Physical therapy 2x
3. talk with Children's Special Health to see if they approved us for Cleaveland and the rest of our genetic testing
4. Physical med doctor on Weds am him, hug him and remind him how special he is
Scarlett needs her mom to be mentally here, not everywhere when I am around. My beautiful strong little girl needs her mom to relax and remember to live in the moment more. My husband needs his wife to come down from the edge of the constant annoyance and have more patience. I also need to tell him I love him more and know that I appreciate what a great husband and father he is. I need a nap....dear lord get me through this week.

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