Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just what the doctor ordered...

What a welcome sight the sun has been the last couple of days,we are so ready for spring ! It just seems everything is better when the sun is shining and we could all use that. Life has been good the past week at the Gervasone household everyone is holding thier own. I went to register Owen for kindergarten yesterday, very exciting and nerve racking. I sat in the principal's office, funny it actually made me feel like I was in trouble.We have to set up a 504 plan for Owen which will list everything he will need for school(snacks,extra hydration,rest periods,physical and occupational therapy). I am very nervous to have somebody else take care of him when he is at school. What if they don't realize when he has had enough and push him too hard...I just figured I go to school with him everyday...not. I know he is growing up and I have to let him be like the other kids. This is all part of the growing up process with or without a disease and I have to step back sometimes and let go a little bit. I guess it's easier said then done but for now I will loosen my grip a little bit but I will never let go.

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