Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where's the beef...

The kids both went to the allergist yesterday to be retested for thier food allergies. We had our hopes set high for Owen to be able to have beef now because that would be the next thing for him to outgrow. It was lovely being in a room as small as a closet with two screaming kids with hives on thier backs for the test. I swear I was in hell for just a minute, anyway it's over now. The doctor came in looked at Scarlett's back and said hers looks great no allergies but he wants to blood test just to double check peanut. Owen turned around so the doctor could see his back and I knew we were in trouble. He took one look and said all his food allergies are still severe and beef was one of the worst.....ok our bad day now got worse.The doctor left for a minute, Owen had big tears in his eyes and said I am still allergic to beef? I guess this broke my heart for alot of reasons...
1. he can't catch a break
2. we hyped it up because we really thought he was gonna be able to eat it
3. he has a horrible progressive disease and he does not even know it
The disease part because this broke his heart and he kept on saying Scarlett is not allergic to anything , how comwe I am. I thought of this conversation in relation to mitochondrial disease down the road. I actually cryed in the allergist office yesterday while holding him. I thought this isn't fair, maybe he was crying for the beef and I was for the injustice. We have decided we can at least make this change for Owen at home. With spring approaching if you come to our house for a bbq you too will be asking where's the beef?

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