Sunday, February 28, 2010

The flu and then some..

It has been a rough couple of days, I woke up Friday with the stomach flu...ughh! I swear that is the worst,especially when you really can't rest. I had too much time to think and I am worried about the kids getting it. If Owen gets it, he would have to go back in the hospital and he could have a regression of some kind. People with mitochondrial disease can have neuro regression or lose more strength that they cannot get back when healthy again. Owen is getting weaker and we are going to up his physical therapy to 2x a week and they want to fit him for a special suit. We are calling it his superman is supposed to help the muscles stay in their proper posistion and be used correctly. I just want to do everything possible for him and feel like making him live in a bubble. Ok enough aabout that can't wait for the smell of spring and sunshine, like I said it's just beena rough couple of days.

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