Friday, February 5, 2010

Bad couple of days...

Well, I think everyone at work is officially concerned for mental health. I had a mini nervous breakdown in the back room and have not cryed that hard for awhile. I love my girls for being there even when they feel at a loss for words. Owen's doctor called me and let me know she spoke to his specialist. Every time Owen gets sick he will have to be hospitalized to prevent dehydration. Dr. Cohen the specialist said he does not what form Owen has yet because he fits in all the categories. We also have to put him on a weight gainer because he has not gained a pound in over a year. The brain mri isn't "terrible" but it did show something. He was also have an inpatient 24 hour eeg to see if we can catch seizure activity. Yesterday I felt defeated like this disease is gonna I know I have a great challenge ahead of me. Mitochondrial disease vs my family, I am going for the knockout.

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