Sunday, February 7, 2010

New day, new hopes, new thoughts...

Ok, so Scarlett slept till 7am this is gonna be a good day. Owen slept till 7:30am, so the steroids must be making their way out of his system. I was looking at Scarlett this morning and thought, wow your beautiful. She is such a sweet looking little girl, with a devil of a personality. Mike and I went out to dinner last night and had a really nice time. We had normal conversation not involving doctors and fears and tears. I really love him and I am so happy he came into my life. There are not many men that rate high in my mind besides my dad but Mike is up there. I hope to have a better week and return to"our" normal, so Owen can go back to school. I think the pit in my stomach is subsiding pushing thoughts of negativity away and inviting positivity in. I need to make a turn around for my family and myself , I am looking forward to this new day.

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