Monday, February 22, 2010

What to do...

It's a snow day for me today. I was supposed to teach a class today for Wella but it's a no go, roads are pretty bad. Hmmmm now the kids and I are stuck in the house
AGAIN! I really need the weather to break, so I can get some vitamin D. I took the kids outside and they actually played on the swingset and I enjoyed the sunshine. Owen can swing by himself this year!!!!!!! I love seeing him hit these milestones and it is good exercise for him as well. I can tell he is getting weaker in some parts of his body and it makes me sad. I sometimes feel zapped by this disease like I want to say ok you win. My mental strength has not been what it used to and I feel overwhelmed.My day usually includes phone calls to insurance,specialists and researching different ideas of managing the disease. I need to regroup myself and push forward past this. It is not about me anyway, it is about perserverance and determination. We will win or at least know what to do..

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